Hygiene by Tavian Towns

Brushing your teeth

You need to brush your teeth so later in the future you don't loose them or get tooth aches. Be sure to brush in circles, brush your tounge and brush for at least 2 minuetes. Anyways why would you want to walk around everywhere with yellow teeth.Brush your teeth


Flossing is very important. You can get rid of old food and reduce gum disease. Tooth decay is also a possibility when you don't floss. Make sure you clean between your teeth to get rid of the plaque that causes all of those.Flossing


Showering is important for your body and for your social life to. When you shower it cleans dead skin cells and it clears the pores and allow the skin cells to function. People dont really want to be next to you if you smell bad.Shower


Deodorant is important because it stops body odor. It also gets rid of any naturally accouring bacteria on your body. It is really good at stoping the stink before it starts.Deodorant


Lotioning is super important because it keeps your skin hydration levles up, keeps skin soft and healthy and makes your skin shiny. It also helps itching and smells good too.Lotion

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